Various Types of Security Cameras and their Necessary Features

Different kinds of security cameras have flooded the market. The features that they offer are quite fascinating. Hence, it is time you know about the different types of security camera systems Chicago. That will help you in deciding which one will be the best for your home.

Here, we are going to discuss about the different kinds of security cameras and the special features they have.

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Different Kinds of Security Cameras for Home Security

●Security cameras can be broadly divided into two groups - indoor cameras and outdoor cameras.

●You will find different kinds of cameras in both these categories. The differences can be easily understood by comparing the features of various security cameras

●Both indoor and outdoor cameras are available as individual units, with apps that help in monitoring. They can also be part of a home security monitoring system, which is based on a subscription.

When you buy security cameras, it is necessary to compare the features of different cameras. This will help you to understand, which one will be most suitable for you.

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Important Features found in Security Cameras

1. Field of view -

The width of area a camera can record varies from one device to another. This is referred to as the field of view. This is a very significant feature. The number of cameras you will need to cover an area depends on this feature. If you want to cover bigger areas like, driveways, porches or big common spaces, you should buy cameras with a wider field of view. Alternatively, you can install a greater number of cameras to cover the whole area.

2. Resolution -

The resolution of security camera systems Chicago will help you to understand how much clear the images captured by your camera will be. Clarity will help in identifying the faces or items in a footage recorded by the camera.

3. Motion detection -

The feature of motion detection is also very helpful in security cameras. This feature enables cameras to notify you, if there is any kind of motion within its field of view. These notifications will alert you of any suspicious movement and you will be able to take necessary actions.

4. Sound -

Security cameras that have this feature either receive the sound via a microphone or emit sound through a speaker. Some cameras have both these features.

5. Night Vision -

This refers to the ability of your camera to record footage in conditions having no light or very low light. Cameras with a powerful night vision are effective to capture any kind of suspicious activity at night.

6. Wi-fi capability -

A security camera enabled with Wi-fi can be a very efficient one. It will be able to communicate with your home network without any wire. It is also easy to install this kind of security cameras. As there are no wires to be cut, it is difficult for anyone to disable these cameras.

This is all that you need to know about the types and features of security camera systems Chicago. Now, it will be easier for you to choose the appropriate ones for your home.

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