Top 4 Features Chicago Security Cameras Must Have

Security cameras are no longer a luxury but a business necessity. But while installing these cameras you need to be careful in selecting them. Here are four features that you need to look for in these cameras. They not only make them robust but ensure that you enjoy comprehensive protection in your homes and office.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom Features

You can do with an ordinary dome camera but choosing the PTZ range of cameras or ones which can pan, tilt and zoom would offer you more control over your security. The camera should have a 360° pan range and around 120° tilt range. This will allows you to cover a wide area with a single camera.

High Definition Recording

You have enjoyed movies on High Definition and know the difference it can make to a picture. Today CCTV cameras comeSecurity Camera Features with HD features and you need to install these cameras at your homes and offices. The logic is quite simple; HD pictures allow you to identify subjects much easier compared to non-HD cameras. In event of a burglary or an attempted intrusion into your property these cameras would surely increase chances of recognizing the subject and this becomes handy for the law enforcement agencies.

Low Light Recording

Traditionally most security cameras had one major drawback. They couldn’t record quality visuals during night or low lighting conditions. Images captured would be grainy and didn’t allow you to recognize subjects easily. Today’s cameras come with infrared technology which works uninterruptedly even on a new moon night. Some cameras also have in-built LED lights that would light up the subject even at a distance. They should also have a feature known as ‘light masking’ that allows them to shoot sharp images even when a powerful light such as that of a car headlight being directed towards them.

Remote Surveillance

Security cameras have come a long way over the last decade. You would no longer need to create an on-site monitoring station and have your eyes glued to the monitor. Look for cameras that allow you to view real-time feed from these cameras on your smart phones, tablets and cameras. Does that sound complicated and expensive? Well it isn’t and quite simple actually. The feeds from these cameras are streamed via the Internet and you would only need an app installed on your device to view real-time feed.

These features are very important when it comes to choosing a camera system. They ensure that the cameras offer you comprehensive security coverage and don’t merely serve ornamental role in your home and offices. The success of a camera system also depends on the quality of installation and hence you should be very choosy with the firm you hire for this job.

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