Protect your Family from Creeping Intruders with these 3 Tips

Do you think that that you can ensure a safe home simply by installing a security system? Yes, it is true that devices like cameras and alarm systems with motion sensors, and remote controls can make you feel safe, but they can also mean trouble. Wondering how? Well that is exactly what we are about to discuss today.

Have you ever thought what would happen, if your child accidentally divulges the home security Chicago password to a stranger or your nanny knows where the camera is hidden? Frightening.

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Here are some things you need to keep in mind.

# Secure devices with passwords

Use strong and complex passwords for your mobile phones, tablets, computers, servers, security systems, etc. Create alphanumeric passwords for all your devices and servers. If someone comes to know about your password, he or she may use a baby monitor to see what is going on inside your home. In this era of cyber crime, nothing is unnatural.

If you think that a password can protect you, it can also harm you. If you do not want your privacy to be hampered, or anyone sitting in a different place to access your home’s layout, you better change the password regularly. Do not divulge passwords to anyone, not even the technician who visits your home to install the security system and connect it to the computer.

# Do not tell the passwords to your children

Keep this in mind, if you want to ensure a safe and secure home. Your teenage daughter or son may tell it to an outsider by way of slip of tongue.

Say, your son is planning to have some friends in his room without letting you know about the plan. With kids, these days, you can’t say anything for sure. He takes the liberty to tell some of his friends the password to your home’s security system. Not all his friends may be as good as he thinks. So, instead of verbally smashing your son after a theft, you can take a more practical way out. Simple, do not tell him anything about the password. If your child does not know the password, good. If your child asks you for it, better. You can stay alert that he or she is surely up to some mischief.

# Speak to the Internet service provider

Is there a file on your computer which you did not download? Do you think someone is tracking your strokes? You never know, someone may be trying to access your computer and get your personal information. Concealed virus can also give the person a picture or video of your home's layout. Besides, the files about your home alarm systems Chicago are in your computer. Someone may be trying to track the details of the system.

Danger can come from anywhere and in any form. It may also be caused from the very things with which you are trying to protect yourself. Knowing the right way to handle security system will give you control over the devices and make sure your close ones are safe.

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