Things to Consider During Security Camera Installation in Chicago

Homeowners and businesses in Chicago have rest their faith on security camera systems as one of the best mechanisms to prevent burglaries and other criminal activities. To get the best out of these systems you need to ensure they are professionally installed. Here are a few things that you should consider for your security camera installation in Chicago.

Camera Mounting Camera Mounting

This is one of the most important things to consider while installing your cameras. Most security cameras come with Pole, Ceiling, Pendant, and Corner mounting options. Burglars and other intruders would attempt damaging them. For external cameras the thumb rule is to mount it somewhere out of the reach of people. Dome security cameras are generally mounted on the ceiling while PTZ ones on the walls, polls or a pendent. In case of indoor cameras mount them in the corner opposite to the door as this will offer you the best view.


Modern cameras come with inbuilt lighting features. If your cameras don’t have these features you need to ensure that their coverage area is adequately lighted as this will allow you to monitor this area. Also make sure there is no external light source directed towards the camera. You may also need to place the camera in such a way that it avoids direct contact with sun’s rays as that would make it non-functional for a certain time period each day and also spoil the camera lens.

Wiring of CamerasIMG_4396
You need to play close attention when it comes to wiring cameras for both aesthetic as well as security reasons. Try and ensure that maximum length of wiring for external cameras is indoors as this would prevent acts of sabotage. You also need to keep the same thing in mind while connecting it to a power source. External wiring makes it very easy for the burglars to make them dysfunctional. Hiding the wires does increase the effectiveness of your cameras and also doesn’t spoil the décor of the property. While installing cameras indoors make sure the wires are properly concealed as this will preserve the interior décor.

Where will the feed be recorded or monitored? If you are installing the camera system in your office or other commercial property make sure recording and monitoring takes place at a secured and restricted area in the office. Only authorized people should have access to this system. This would allow you to easily monitor the feed from the cameras and also prevent any chances of sabotage. These images are strong evidence and hence you need to make sure they are secure. Even in your homes they would be monitored in a place that isn’t easily accessible to all your visitors.

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