Surveillance Cameras To Detect Criminal Activities

In the last few years, the emergence of public surveillance technology has rapidly improvised. In fact, it has been a valuable addition to the society, most notably in public places to figure out any kind of criminal activities and indiscrepancies. It was not late enough when the suspects for Boston Marathon bombing were figured out through footages being captured by surveillance cameras. Chicago is probably a city where the need for such cameras at public places is a must. It enjoys the highest crime rate in the United States. Public officials also have accepted the fact that presence of these cameras definitely helps in improving the security factor in public places.

Surveillance Camera Chicago

However, many legal associates are of different opinions. They are strictly against the installation of security cameras in different public places since it challenges the question of privacy. However, difference will definitely be there. But, if the right set of guidelines can be followed, then the scenario would only become better and safer. Some of the major guidelines are discussed below:

Civil liberties and surveillance cameras at public places can only coexist if there is strong sense of responsibility shown in employing and implementing the same.

Consulting law enforcement in regards to privacy issues is essential when developing the surveillance policies. First of all, surveillance cameras in Chicago need to mask or avoid any kind of inappropriate viewing of private and restricted properties/areas like second or third story windows, yards, washrooms, etc. It is also crucial for the law enforcement agencies to properly publicize as well document the usage criteria of these cameras. It is also crucial to highlight the proper ways through which these cameras could function while maintaining the guidelines. There should be strict rules to be incorporated in case of misuse. Those who would be looking after these surveillance systems should be properly trained on the usage as well policies.

Public surveillance cameras are definitely a better way to reduce criminal activities and promises to be highly cost-effective.

Some research works have concluded the fact that introduction of surveillance cameras have resulted in rapid decrease in the criminal activities. The strange fact is that areas with no camera coverage also faced similar issues. Also, the installation of surveillance cameras in different parts of the cities is proven to be a highly cost-effective way in fighting criminal activities.

How effectively the criminal activities can be solved would depend strongly upon the resources being integrated and utilized for the purpose

As per research work, it has been found out that surveillance camera works best if handled by trained stuffs. Also, the presence of enough cameras in different locations plays crucial role in the process. The right set of technology needs to be integrated into every kind of law enforcement activities to safeguard the public from criminal activities and vandalisms.

The introduction of surveillance cameras in Chicago should not, by any means, be a substitution for the police works.

The good old police works are essential, no matter what technological innovations are introduced. Yes, the installation of surveillance cameras definitely makes it easier for the police and law enforcement officials to keep control of the city crime rate.

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