Does the security of your family concern you when you are away from home? Most residents of Chicago have genuine concerns when they have kids and seniors at home. With dozens of incidents of burglary and other crimes being reported each week in the city you need to take adequate measures to safeguard your loved ones and property. The need of the hour is to invest on quality home security system in Chicago that gives you complete peace of mind while you are away. Homes that have adopted security measures are less likely to fall victims to these incidents.

CCTV Cameras are one of the best ways to protect your friends and family. These were once restricted to airports and other high security installations due to their cost but with the prices falling these are increasingly being used for home surveillance purpose. Manufacturers are bringing out cost effective cameras to meet the niche needs of residential customers.  At Stealth Security we have a wide range of CCTV cameras that include indoor and outdoor dome cameras and PTZ cameras. These are capable of capturing High Definition images for easy visual recognition.  Our cameras are completely vandal proof and work exceedingly well in low lighting conditions. The cameras are connected to a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which stores all the recorded footages in digital format.

Wireless Alarm Systems are very effective for your home security. It can easily detect motion in the vulnerable areas of your home and alert you. These systems have a sensor that is connected to a central CPU. Whenever the system senses motion it would raise an alarm. Our alarm systems in Chicago come with optional integrated HSPA (3G) cellular, internet or dual communicator that sends you instant alerts on the breach of security for you to initiate necessary actions. Being wireless it doesn’t involve detailed wiring and can easily be installed easily in your home.

Our state-of-the-art security systems can be integrated with your mobile devices and this allows you view real-time feed from your security cameras in your iPhone, iPad or other mobile devices. All that you need to do is install a simple app on your device and you would be able to access live feed on your gadget using a simple Internet plan. The alarm system also works pretty much the same way would alert you about any suspicious entry in your premises.

At we have a team of professional technicians who would assess your security needs and chalk out a plan that deals with all the vulnerabilities at your home. The installation is carried out in a flawless manner using proper tools and high quality cables. Our team offers 24/7 support services and carries out repair and maintenance in the shortest possible time.

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