As a family man you are always concerned about the security of your family. As a retailer store owner you are scared of employee theft or shoplifting. As a business owner or manager you always want to keep track of all your employees’ activities. No, this doesn’t amount to spying but you are only addressing your genuine concerns. What would it be if you could see what’s happening in your home, office or retail outlet from anywhere in the world? This might sound quite unreal to many but remote video surveillance has made a great headway and today it is possible to keep track of a place from thousands of miles away and most importantly it isn’t expensive.

Remote camera monitoring doesn’t involve investing on any special kinds of cameras or a monitoring device. At Stealth Services we use state-of-the-art technology and set up a remote video surveillance system for you from any location. In fact it isn’t restricted to a location and you can view real-time feed on your hand held devices. All that you would need is a smartphone, a tablet or PC that are connected to the Internet that would carry the feed from the source cameras. If you are using an iPhone or an iPad we would offer you a robust remote surveillance app that allows you to view feed from different camera systems which are installed in your residential or commercial property. The app offers you many more features that would enhance your surveillance capabilities from remote locations.

We would install the latest range of Chicago security cameras that can capture high quality visuals that helps in remote monitoring of the property. Our advanced range of dome and PTZ cameras can capture visuals even in low lighting conditions and reproduce true colors. These cameras have infra-red properties and come with in-built LED lights that allows them to work efficiently even at night and shoot sharp visuals. Some of our cameras also have in-built microphone and thus they can also capture audio allowing you to closely monitor all the activities going around the place even if the subjects aren’t in the line of sight.

At we carry install robust camera systems in your homes, offices and other commercial places. Our product range includes state-of-the-art indoor, outdoor and PTZ cameras that are sourced from leading manufacturers in the world. These contemporary cameras can capture visuals in High Definition which is also recorded using a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). We have a team of skilled technicians who are proficient in installing security camera systems in Chicago and its suburbs. We also offer 24/7 maintenance service and answer to your call in the shortest possible time.

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