21st century businesses take security of their Industrial and Commercial properties seriously. This has become all the more important in Chicago and its suburbs as we have witnessed burglaries and other criminal incidents take place in industrial and commercial areas. Your business can fall victim to an isolated incident of a pre-planned attack to sabotage your operations. Thus it is very important for you adopt adequate security measures to keep the industrial unit or commercial property from harm’s way. Video Surveillance is one of the smartest ways to secure your business property and keep an eye on all the activities that goes inside.

At Stealth Security we have been dealing with security camera installation in Chicago for many years.  We would assess exact security needs of your business install cameras at all the vulnerable locations to prevent unauthorized entry and create a 24/7 surveillance systems. Our Security Camera System comprises of cameras, a monitor that is capable of displaying multiple feeds and a DVR that stores all the visuals in high resolution. We use different kinds of camera to secure your property. These include –

Indoor Cameras
These cameras are installed in the interiors of your industrial unit or corporate park. The HD-CVI - 720p HD cameras can capture flawless video even in low lighting conditions. These cameras have infra-red LED lights built and can shoot clear visuals even at night. They can reproduce exact colors and this puts them ahead of the average dome cameras that you see elsewhere.

Outdoor Cameras
These dome cameras can be fitted in all the entry and exits of your industrial or commercial property. G4-IPADA30A is among the most popular indoor surveillance camera. It comes with a built in microphone and weather-proof IP ensuring your camera would function efficiently in all weather conditions. It is completely vandal proof and can take blows from sharp and heavy objects.

PTZ Cameras
These are among the most advanced camera systems that we install. Our HDCVI PTZ Dome Camera can easily Pan, Tilt and Zoom and cover large area within your commercial property. These cameras come with 20x Optical Zoom that allows you to capture details such as face or a person or license place of the vehicle. With more than 250 presets and auto scan features these camera systems would meet all your security needs. These cameras come with Pole, Pendant, Ceiling, and Corner mounting options and hence can be installed anywhere from the roof to exteriors walls.

High quality installation and maintenance has been the core strength of our business. Our technicians are highly skilled and carry out the installation in a professional way. Irrespective of the number of camera installations and amount of wiring involved we have it in us to carry out the job to your complete satisfaction and also securing your property.

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