What would it be like to enjoy your favorite movie titles sitting on a couch on a large screen with great sound effects? It’s quite an amazing experience to be able to enjoy a movie or your favorite baseball game sitting in the comfort of your home. But hang on, does it sound too expensive, something that you can only dream and not achieve? Well personal home theater experience is no longer reserved for the elites as you can have one installed in your own home well within your budget. Thousands of homes in Chicago are experiencing electrifying sounds and visuals in their own home theaters.

At Stealth Security & Home Theater Systems Inc. we have the skills and expertise to add spark to your personal entertainment. We have been dealing with home theater systems in Chicago for many years and have the ability to combine all of your Audio/Video equipment into one easy to use system. We offer you a choice between wide range of high definition LCD and Plasma television and complement them with 5.1 or 7.1 channel full Dolby Digital and DTS surround sound. This is what we call adding spark to your home entertainment where you can enjoy your favorite movies, sporting events and videos with your friends and family. We don’t install gadgets; we simply redefine your experience.

We have a team of professional installers who bring in years of experience and expertise to the table. We assess your needs and also take into account your budget before carrying out the installation. At getstealth.com we believe in offering you a wide range of options and let you make the final call. We deal in some of the leading brands in the world and carry out the installation seamlessly. This has been the USP of our services and has helped us become the most preferred home installers in Chicago and its suburbs.

Every home has got its own characteristics and we gauge the room acoustics, light sources and most importantly the tastes of our clients before carrying out the installation. Our team comes equipped with the right set of tools and equipment to carry out the installation flawlessly without causing any damage to your property. Our experts create the right balance between different audio sources to offer you the perfect surround sound experience.

Whether you are using an iPhone or any other smartphone you can turn it into a universal remote to control your home theater system. The Harmony App that allow you to take control of the system. An easy to use app this would help you take your home entertainment experience to the next level.

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