As a business owner the security of your office or production facility would always be of great concern. In the 21st century most of the businesses rely a lot on technology such as commuters and the Internet. A flash drive is all it would take to steal sensitive business data. Similarly a bug in your computer system can bring the entire production process to a halt. No, we aren’t raising a false alarm many business have become victim to data theft and production related issues in Chicago over the last few years. It is important for you to install the right kind of surveillance system to protect your business against looming threats.

CCTV or Close Circuit Television offers comprehensive security cover to your business. This security camera systems in Chicago consists of a set of cameras, a monitor and Digital Video Recorders. Our team would survey the entire location and install cameras at all the vulnerable places and other areas which you need to monitor. We use three different types of cameras – indoor cameras, outdoor cameras and PTZ cameras. Each of these has their own features and installed in different areas of the commercial property. For instance the PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera can be used to focus on large areas and even track movement of a person. These cameras are capable of capturing High Definition images that facilitate easy facial recognition.

Though alarm systems offer you complete peace of mind and alert you of any unauthorized entry in the restricted areas of your office they tend to rely on the phone line to alert you. But what if your phone line is tampered? It would cut your alarm system completely. At Stealth Security we overcome this scenario with the use of wireless alarm. These systems aren’t dependent on your phone line as they use cellular GSM network for communication between the sensors and the CPU. This completely eliminates the vulnerability of using a wire based system. We arm you and your security team with state-of-the-art wireless receivers that receive real-time alerts on any intrusion and other security issues.

Using our system you would be able to remotely monitor all the activities in your office or production facility. Using smart iPhone and iPad apps you can view real-time feed from your camera while you are on the go. These apps can stream videos on an average Internet connection on your smart devices or computer. Since our systems have motion sensors you would receive email alerts on any unusual movement in your business facility. Thus you will be in complete control of your security on 24/7 basis.

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