All of us want to keep the interiors of our homes clean. It not only keeps you healthy but can also enhance your mood. Cleaning your home can be a tough job especially when you have kids and pets around. Though you may have the most advanced portable vacuum cleaner in your home, operating it all around your home can be quite a herculean task. Moving it around and connecting it to different power outlets often makes it quite a thankless job. No wonder portable cleaners sit the shelves for weeks and months together!

This is where central vac systems have become very popular around the world. With the cost of these equipment coming down many home owners have in Chicago and its suburbs are fast installing these systems in their homes as they as they help clean homes easily. Your home décor is very dear to you and we would install these vac systems without causing any damage to it. It can extend the life of your furniture, carpeting and drapes thus offering more value for money in the long run.

To start with Central Vac Systems are more convenient when compared to the portable ones we are used to seeing. There is no requirement to carry these systems around the house as every room in the house would have its small system. These are also more powerful and thus more efficient in keeping the environment clean. These can extract dirt and dust particles which are only a few microns in diameters. These systems are a lot quieter compared to the portable ones and hence you can easily carry out the cleaning without disturbing anyone else in the home. At Stealth Security we have been dealing with these systems for many years and install central vac systems from some of the leading brands in the world making them durable and offering complete satisfaction to our clients. These systems come with a number of attachments and this makes them much more versatile than your portable ones.

At getstealth.com we are Chicago’s most preferred vacuum installer and have carried out these installations at hundreds of homes over the years. Our professional team has expertise in installing this technological marvel in all kinds of homes to address the niche needs of our clients. Our installation process starts with understanding the needs of our clients. We also give vital inputs to the clients based on our expertise and chalk out a detailed map for the project. The installation is carried out flawlessly by the team using state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Your home décor is very dear to you and we would install these vac systems without causing any damage to it.


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