Purchasing Tips For Home Theatre Systems With 5.1 Channels

When it comes to audio quality or listening experience, there seems to be a common fallacy that works: It is better to go with crispiness than being louder. Crisp audio quality enhances the audio clarity. But too loud sound with minimal clarity would make it difficult understand the lyrical or dialogue delivery part. Speaking about home theater systems Chicago, there tends to be different requirements for music and movies. First of all, it is necessary to figure out the ultimate purpose to include a home theater system within the surrounding. Would it be entirely for some superior movie viewing experience? Or would it be primarily for listening to some music? Or would be serving both the purposes equally? Well, most of the mid-range home theater systems would be ideal to serve both the purpose with equal level of efficiency.

home theater systems Chicago

Measuring the room

Prior to making the purchase, it is necessary to focus on the room architectural style and dimension. If the room is not big enough, say somewhere around 200 – 400 square foot, then small to mid-sized speakers would be more than sufficient to complement the home theater system. For bigger sized rooms of 700 square foot or above would require full range, bigger sized speakers for that immersive sound experience. Remember, the sound needs to get enough space for spreading out. The sound from different speakers must to hit one another. Or else, there would be a strange output to experience.

Positioning of the speakers

Positioning the speakers and placing them at right areas of the room is equally important. There are many home theater systems Chicago available with attractive features and specifications. But a large part of the performance would depend heavily on the positioning of the speakers. For 5 speaker and 1 woofer based home theater systems, the right positioning would play an integral role in the process. The speakers could be segregated into three parts: front, rear, and center. There would be two speakers to be installed at the front (or one at each side of the television set). Another two speakers should be installed at the rear end of the sitting arrangements. The height for rear speakers should be 2 inches above the ear level. If the speakers are located at greater heights, then they should be tilted towards the bottom for better sound effect. The single center speaker should be placed at the mid location, just above the television, or beneath the television set. The center speaker is responsible for producing crisp dialogue delivery. Other speakers are mostly for different sound effects.

Positioning the subwoofer

Well, the subwoofer is primarily responsible for producing that booming effect. It is the one that amplifies the sound and generates that true theatre like experience. However, there would never be much impact to follow with the positioning of the subwoofer. It could be placed at any part of the room. Just ensure that it doesn’t gets cornered or attached entirely to the wall. It would be better to leave out 3 inches space between the subwoofer and the wall for better booming effect.

Invest slightly more to purchase better quality home theater systems Chicago with powerful subwoofer and wooden speaker sets for truly immersive sound experience.

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