Mistakes to avoid for receiving maximum benefits from security camera systems

Managing the security system installed at your home is not a difficult task. But, it is not possible for homeowners to check the system always and following all the best practices. Thus, encountering problems in using the security system is not a very rare incidence. Here, some common mistakes that the users of security camera systems in Chicago, do are identified. Try to avoid these for using the security system installed at your house smoothly.

Not protecting the system against power surges:

Many homeowners consider that installation of a security system at house is enough. If the system is installed perfectly, it will protect the family or valuables 24 hours continuously. But, actually, it does not happen. The functioning of security systems can be interrupted due to various reasons. Power surge is just one of them.


A security system involves many delicate parts which can get damaged easily, especially in case of power surge. At the time of thunderstorm, the power can rise suddenly and can damage some parts of the security system. In these cases, the system can stop functioning and you become unable to monitor the home.

The extent of damage due to power surge may vary. For small damages, minor repairs and replacements will be enough. However, when multiple components of security systems get damaged, you may require replacing the entire system. It again requires significant investment. Thus, for avoiding these issues, a t the time of security camera installation in Chicago, you can install additional surge protectors. These protectors keep every part of the security system safe from sudden hike in power.

Not using UPS for protecting against power outage:

The commonly used security systems require electricity for continuous basis for monitoring. But, at the time of power outages, these systems cannot work. As a result, you cannot stay updated about activities within house. If the power outage lasts for longer time, security of the building can be at risk. Surely, no homeowner want to face such situation when a surveillance system is installed.

The popular security camera systems in Chicago usually do not have in-built alternative power source. For avoiding this type of situation, you can use UPS ( Uninterrupted Power Supply) with the security system. At the time of power outage, the UPS can be used as an electricity source for a while. But, the interval, during which an alternative electricity source like UPS can run the security system, depends on several factor. If you bring a larger UPS, the security system will be able to work longer. Depending on the requirement, you will need to take smart investment decision.

Not Checking the recorder settings:

It may happen that every part of the security system is working properly except the recorder. The recorders of modern security systems can operate in different modes such as pre-recording, motion detection, scheduled recording and many more. Generally a recorder can operate in multiple mode. Depending on the requirement, you have to choose the right mode. At the time of security camera installation in Chicago, know about these modes for getting the most out of security system.

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