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It is normal to look forward to acquiring property, wealth and other assets. As a result, you become an easy target for intruders and burglars. The lives of your loved ones and also that of yours often fall victim to the bad intentions of such people, with criminal intent. If you do not want to see the names of your loved ones in newspapers as victims, or do not want to join the list of home burglary casualties yourself, opt for asset protection contraptions from Stealth Security and Home Theatre Systems Inc. We make sure that you do not have to share path, with burglars while you are home or away. Our high-quality home alarm systems Chicago can save your life and property, both in and around Chicago.


Today, you have a number of options of protecting your home from criminals. Home alarm systems Chicago are your best protection and thwart all types of criminal activities that may affect you. It is easy to install and maintain them and they offer you with a complete security cover. These systems can detect unlawful entry into your premises and other illicit activity around it. In Chicago and its suburbs, these home security Chicago systems are increasingly being installed in commercial establishments, homes and industrial units. The reason of installing these home security contraptions are not limited to criminal activities as they can also come handy while detecting fire. Home security alarm systems work in collaboration, with television surveillance systems while at the same time recording the activity of the intruder making it convenient for you to identify the latter. You can further integrate your home security Chicago, with an access control system in order to stop any unwarranted entry into the regulated zones of your property.

At Stealth Security and Home Security Systems Inc., we display a vast product range including home alarm systems Chicago, self-contained sirens and multi-area systems, with computer monitoring. Our basic home security alarm systems come with one or more sensors to detect illicit entry. It also consists of an alarming device, which initiates the alarm upon detecting the slightest abnormality. Our repertoire also offers advanced systems that include sensors, a Panel (CPU), keypads, alerting devices and interconnections. With the aim to improve the security cover, we set up a monitoring device, with these systems.

These integrated home alarm systems Chicago detect encroachment in the premises, instantly, while the control unit immediately relays the information to the monitoring systems. Our operators immediately take the necessary actions, such as alerting the law enforcement agencies, contacting the clients or working in tandem, with private security agencies. All of this transmission and message conveyance is only a matter of few seconds and is conducted by using  radio signals, a dedicated alarm circuit or even telephone lines.


Standing guard to protect your property 24/7 is simply not possible. This is why we equip our clients, with the power to arm and disarm the systems from anywhere on the face of the earth using their iPad or iPhone. You can now keep yourself constantly updated on what is going on around your premises. We can set up advanced apps on your smartphone or tablet; all you need is a high-speed Internet connection to obtain real-time data on all activities in and around your home or commercial property. With the help of this remote monitoring feature, you can record all entry and exit into the premises, as well as keep track of the exact time when the entry or exit was made. You may also get alerts on any unusual activity in your premises, even if you are not accessing the app on your iPhone or iPad.


Creating complete home alarm systems is as much about technology as it is about the skills and the ability of the technicians. Our team of professionally trained and experienced technicians assess your needs first. Then, they install the systems at all the entry points and other vulnerable areas of your property. The home security Chicago systems we install are very easy to maintain and our support staff answer all your queries 24/7. A professionally managed company, we offer lifetime parts replacement guarantee to all our esteemed clients. If you choose our special package, you can avail our relocation policy and false alarm guarantee. We promise that you will never have any scope of grievance.