Facts about Security Systems in Chicago You Must Know

Security systems are a common sight in Chicago. Once a luxury only seen at the airports and large corporate houses these devices have made their way into most business properties and residences. You have a wide choice of robust security systems that would meet your budget and exact needs. Let us now take you through a few facts about security systems in Chicago that would help you understand their utility and advantages.

    • Prevents Crime – Crime statistics show that homes and businesses in Chicago and other nearby areas that have security systems are less likely to fall victims to criminal activities. Commercial-SecurityBurglars and other criminals often survey their prey and avoid homes and commercial properties that have these systems to prevent leaving behind evidence that can help in nabbing them.


    • No Lights Required – Modern security camera systems have infra-red vision and hence they can shoot sharp images even in low lighting conditions. Some of the external cameras also come with inbuilt LED lights that offer you bright images. The PTZ or Pan Tilt and Zoom cameras can cover a large area and these can easily be used to zoom on a subject and follow him/her over a large area on suspicion.


    • Remote Monitoring – Security camera systems as well as alarm systems allow you to get real-time updates on your smartphones, tablets and computers. Using a simple app you can view live visuals from the camera while the alarm systems send out instant alerts on your phone whenever there is a security breach. So you can keep track of all activities at your home or commercial property at any given point of time.


    • Weather Proof – Security systems are designed to withstand adverse weather conditions. They are moisture proof and continue to perform efficiently in low temperatures and heavy rains. This is one feature where modern systems score over their predecessors which were prone to malfunctioning during bad weather.


    • Vandal Proof –Security systems have always been subject to vandalism to prevent them from functioning. Today’s security systems including cameras are vandal proof and can withstand multiple blows from sharp and heavy objects. This makes them ideal for commercial security purpose which often sees acts of vandalism.


    • Wireless Alarms – These alarm systems can be installed in all vulnerable areas of your home and office and need to wiring. This act as a great advantage over the traditional wired alarms and don’t fall easy prey to sabotage. These alarm system can easily be concealed thus becoming hard to detect and disarm for the intruder.


You have wide choice when it comes to selecting security systems. Thus it becomes important for you to assess your exact needs and invest on a security system that protects you against all conceivable threats.

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