Chicago CCTV Surveillance Cameras

CCTV Surveillance Systems have come a long way in the recent years. Once these CCTV Chicago surveillance systems were restricted to only airport and large commercial places. Now they are increasingly being adopted by small business and home owners. With advancement in technology these CCTV surveillance cameras Chicago have become more cost effective. They have become easy to install and maintain. The present generation of camera systems has the capacity to record many days and months of footage. These advanced cameras can even sense motion and send you email alerts and thus preventing theft and burglary. Outdoor cameras are vandal proof and can withstand direct blows from sharp objects and record clear images even in poorly lit and bad weather conditions. This system compromises of cameras, a monitor and a recorder. These cameras can be installed at various locations around the property and they transmit the signal to a monitor and these visuals are recorded using a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for review purposes. You can opt for an analog or High Definition security cameras based on your needs.

The crime graph is on a sharp rise in Chicago and as a home or business owner it has become very important for you to invest on the right surveillance technology. Irrespective of the size of your property or business surveillance cameras in Chicago can offer you adequate protection and prevent incidents of burglary and intrusion. Installing CCTV in Chicago enhances the security cover around the property and acts as a deterrent for the criminals. Our Chicago CCTV systems have helped identify criminals in various cases and lead to their imprisonment.

Assessment of the threat and security needs is very important when it comes to installing CCTV surveillance cameras in Chicago. To put things into perspective the needs of a homeowner would be very different from that of a businessman. The needs of every home or commercial property are unique and you would require a customized solution to secure the property. You should ideally opt for SD-HDI quality CCTV surveillance cameras Chicago as they shoot high resolution videos that allow you to identify faces comfortable. These are a generation ahead of the analog cameras if you already have them. You can also opt for standalone cameras that come with a simple flash drive based recording mechanism.

CCTV surveillance cameras Chicago are applied in homes and all kinds of commercial and public establishments such as banks, offices, retail stores and industrial units. There are specific cameras for indoor and outdoor purposes and these differ on their features and functionality. We install PTZ cameras that can pan, tilt and zoom to capture sharp images and follow the lead when required. These cameras have a wide coverage area making them more effective compared to the traditional analog cameras that have limited coverage. All these CCTV Chicago cameras are backed up by advanced software that can spot even the minutest of detail offering significant information on all activities in their coverage area.

Monitoring your home or office has just become easy with our advanced Chicago security cameras. Unlike traditional camera systems you don’t need to sit in a particular location to watch the feed. Using our remote monitoring capabilities you would be able to view real-time visuals from the camera on your iPad, iPhone or Computer. You would only need a descent internet connection to use this feature. These advanced systems are equipped with motion seniors and sends instant email alerts whenever they spot activity in the premises.

Our aim is to offer you products and services that would meet your niche needs. At Stealth Security & Home Theatre Systems, Inc we cater to small and large customers alike with our robust and cost effective solutions. Our High Definition surveillance systems start from $1999 while the analog series has been priced competitively at $1499.

Replace your old analog based Chicago CCTV systems using HD-SDI surveillance cameras Chicago. These are among the most advanced Chicago CCTV systems in the world that offer HD quality resolution at 720 and 1080pixels. These systems are wired using standard rg59 copper that can transmit Blu Ray quality pictures. You can replace your existing system and make use of the existing standard coaxial cable. You would immediately notice the different in the quality of the images that as it enhances the facial recognition factor.