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IMG_5928Stealth Security & Home Theatre Systems, Inc is a licensed firm and carries out high quality installation and maintenance of security systems and home theatre systems. With a proven track record we have been serving household, office, commercial property, developmental projects, and municipal areas in Chicago.

With the rate of crime increasing at an alarming rate in Chicago and its suburbs our home alarm and surveillance cameras in Chicago have assured home owners and commercial establishments of their security.

Stealth At a Glance

The choice of business security solutions is important for the safety of your employees and property

imageWe are a customer centric company and deal with the latest products and devices that the world of technology has to offer. We source our products from reputed manufacturer after having reviewed and tested them rigorously. Irrespective of the size of a business we have a solution for any business. We have been able to establish ourselves as the most reputed Security & Surveillance firm with a methodical approach where meeting client’s interest is our sole mission. We continuously update our services based on the changing security needs of our clients.
Our specialists would survey and plan out a comprehensive surveillance and security system for plat for your home and business. Once we receive the go-ahead from our clients we design and install these systems in a systematic manner ensuring you have minimum equipment and maximum surveillance. Our installation rates are highly attractive and our trained professionals would customize the security systems to meet specific requirements. We also offer 24/7 support service and any system or maintenance issue would be sorted out before you go off to sleep!