7 Reasons Every Business Needs To Invest on CCTV in Chicago

Security has always been a big concern for businesses throughout the ages. If it was all about protecting equipment and office assets in the past today it is about preventing vital customer data falling into criminal hands at the same time protecting valuable IT assets. The scope has widened but the concerns remain the same. As a business implementing CCTV in Chicago offers you many advantages. Here are the top seven reasons why you need to invest on CCTV system for your business in Chicago.

1. Prevent Break-Ins – According to a study carried out by the Urban Institute, crime rates dropped by as much as 20% in areas where CCTV systems were installed. The report in its final findings stated that surveillance cameras are extremely helpful in deterring crime.Thus you would take your business off the strike list of criminals.

2. Gather Evidence – In case of a burglary or any other crime on your business these cameras would gather crucial evidence that can help nail the culprits and bring them to justice. In fact in the event of crime the first thing that law enforcement agencies ask for is your camera footage as it makes their task easier .

3. Cost Effective – Most small businesses couldn’t afford the traditional system of security which involved employing human hand to take care of security. CCTV systems on the other hand are the most cost effective way to secure your system. Unlike human beings they don’t doze off or have to take a break to answer nature’s call!

4. Remote Monitoring – Unlike the camera systems in the past where the monitoring system would need to be connected to the cameras, today’s systems allow you to remotely monitor the feed using your smartphones and tablets. These IP based systems stream real-time feed on your remote device which increases their effectiveness.

5. Monitor Production Line – If you have a large production line in your business, these camera systems would allow the production manager to have a bird’s eye view of the entire production line sitting in his/her cabin. This helps improve productivity in the plant.

6. Monitor Employee Performance – If some of your employees are letting your business Chicago Security Camerasdown, you need to keep a close eye on them and with CCTV systems in place your task becomes easy. Even if you are firing an employee for misconduct you would be able to show them evidence of their misconduct and hence keep the process fair.

7. Enjoy Insurance Discounts –As a business you need to pay hefty insurance premiums every year to secure all your business assets. Installing CCTV systems would help you cut down on your premiums substantially. It is estimated that insurance companies offer discounts between 10-20% to businesses which have these cameras installed.

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