4 Types of Motion Sensors for your Home’s Security

A motion detector (motion sensor) is an indispensible part of a security system. If your security camera is not equipped with one, it’s time you upgrade to a CCTV Chicago with a motion sensor. Motion sensors are connected to a monitoring system that alerts you about the presence of a person in your home who is not supposed to be there at that point of time. This blog discusses about the different types of motion sensors.

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Have you ever wondered what all a motion sensor can do? Well, here is a list of activities that it does for you.

  • Alerting you when doors and windows open or close
  • Triggering a bell when someone approaches your door
  • Letting you know when there is a loud noise like something falling or breaking
  • Notifying you, if pets enter areas where they are not supposed to
  • Informing you when your child opens the medicine cabinet or walks into the basement without your permission

Types of Motion Sensors

# Micro wave

These motion sensors send out microwave pulses. These pulses reflect off a moving object that crosses their path and send them back to the control panel of the detector. In the event that someone is passing the coverage area of the sensor, the alarm can ring and you can know that there is a stranger because you don’t frequent that area. So, who else other than an intruder?

# Passive infrared

When you install a passive infrared motion sensor, it detects movement and heat in a particular area and creates a grid. When energy levels in the infrared grid fluctuate or when a mobile object blocks many grid zones, the device senses something amiss and sounds an alarm. You can watch on the screen connected to the CCTV Chicago to know what is wrong. Well, it’s not that the sensor simply gets panic-stricken and rings an alarm, but when the sensor trips it triggers an alarm or sends you a notification that someone is there in your home.

# Vibration

Motion detectors that sound alarm after detecting a vibration are basically sound sensitive. Imagine you drop a glass plate from your hand; the sensor will detect the vibration and start ringing.

# Pet immune motion sensors

These motion sensors are set at a particular height, so that they do not trip every time a cat or a puppy passes through the covered field. If you have a pet at your home you must know how animals can trigger alarms accidentally. The special positioning of the device is done in order to stop frequent ringing of the alarm. If you are still going through a harrowing time, you can get a dual technology sensor, which sends alarm only when both the sensors are triggered. The best thing about these dual technology sensors is that you don’t have to start every time an animal creates a fake alarm.

Now, that you know the above-mentioned points about motion sensors connected to CCTV Chicago, buy one and install inside your premises.

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