4 Strategic Locations where you must Install Security Cameras

Homes are no longer secure from threats posed by the outside world. The vulnerability of homes can make your near ones unsafe inside it. The sooner you accept this, the better it is for the security of your family. So, you must install security camera Chicago to sleep peacefully at nights. But, your task of securing your house does not end here. You must be aware of the places from where intruders are most likely to enter your house. Installing security cameras at those points is a must to ensure the safety of the house.


In this blog, I am going to tell you about the strategic places in your house, where you must install security cameras.

1. The entrances to your house -

The front and the back doors are the most convenient entrances to your house. So, you may tend to believe that burglars will not attempt a break-in through these obvious points. But, you would be surprised to know that burglars still enter houses forcibly through the front and back doors. As a result, you must secure all the entrances to your house with efficient security cameras.

The cameras must be located outside your home and they must face the front or back doors. You should make sure that they can monitor the entrances without any hindrance. For this, you can also install a camera on the roof of your house.


Back doors are often poorly lit places. In that case, you must fix cameras that can function effectively in low-light conditions.

2. The rear windows of your house -

Every rear window of your house must be monitored by a security camera Chicago. This is because, intruders often enter houses through rear windows. As rear windows are mostly not supervised, occupants fail to detect anyone’s intrusion through them. Thus, burglars can easily enter your house through a rear window, collect goods and leave unnoticed.

To avoid such a mishap, fix security cameras facing your rear windows. Also, lock the rear windows before you go to bed every night or leave for a vacation.

3. Your garage -

Garages are often the target of burglars. People easily commit the mistake of keeping their expensive cars in garages, without locking the doors. If you too do so, it can increase the chances of theft from your garage.


Hence, you must lock your garage door after keeping your car in it. For more security, you must also install security cameras facing your garage door. This can help you to detect the presence of intruders near your garage.

4. The driveway and backyard of your house -

These are two other places where you must install security cameras. These cameras can help you to keep a tab on what is going on around your house, who is coming to visit you and so on. The cameras in these areas must have night-vision feature, so that they can function even after sundown.

Each of these areas of your house must have a security camera Chicago. So, install security cameras at these locations soon and ensure the safety of your near ones, and your home.

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