4 protocols you should be familiar with to bring IoT based alarm systems

According to the recent studies on security systems, it is evident that the popularity of IoT based alarms has become prevalent in past years. As per these studies, it is also indicated that the popularity of such alarm systems and CCTV in Chicago is not going to diminish anyway. Instead, by 2020, in large number of apartments of this city, the advanced version of alarms will be used. However, before you bring these systems to home, know some basic information on protocols which commonly used in it.

Zigbee and Z-Wave:


Both of these technologies are widely used in modern alarm systems. Both of these have the feature of transmitting within shorter distance. Both Zigbee and Z-Wave can be used in mesh networks. So, the transmission distance can be increased later. Apparently, most of the homeowners find these two technologies almost similar. However, there are few differences also.

The security applications using Z-wave usually operate at comparatively lower frequency ( 800-900 MHz) whereas the products with ZigBee work at 2.4GHz. The transmission range of systems with Z-wave (almost 35-60 meter) is also slightly lower than that of ZigBee ( 70 Meter). Furthermore, the security applications with Z-Wave can interact with another Z-wave application only. But , in case of commonly used alarm systems in Chicago, both of these technologies are used. The use of Z-Wave is mainly found in security sensors and other accessories. On the flip side, ZigBee is used in home automation tools like thermostats and smart lights.

Wi-fi Technology:

It is another technology which is now highly used in security systems. Use of Wi-fi allows different components of security systems to communicate within themselves using WLAN (Wireless LAN). The security systems connected with Wi-Fi typically operate at 2.4GHz as well as 5GHz. The rate of data transmission also varies from 150 to 200 Mbps and in special cases, it can rise up to 300Mbps. With this technology, different parts of security systems can communicate within 70 meter range in case of indoors. However, in outdoor, the transmission range increases up to 250 meter.
It is a quite dominant technology. Unlike , the Z-wave and Zigbee, it can be used in any type of security systems.



Bluetooth is mainly used in those security systems which communicates with you with any smart devices. However, this technology is also useful for short range transmissions (1-100 meters). Nowadays, Bluetooth LE is being used in many alarm systems in Chicago. These systems let you to stay updated about any security issue at your home without consuming any extra power. Being highly power efficient, the Bluetooth enabled security systems have become quite popular.


DECT or the Digital Enhanced Cordless telecommunications is better known as the technology which was formerly used in cellular phones. But, now you can see the application of this technology in security systems. DECT-ULE is the latest version of actual DECT. Like the previously stated technologies, it can also transmit within 300 meter. Apart from monitoring systems, DECT is also used in home automation systems too.

The choice of technology which you will use at your home mainly depends on your security requirements. Whatever you find useful, recheck it with professionals dealing with alarms and CCTV in Chicago to install the most suitable item at home.

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